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  • Exercise: Adjective Order

    Exercise: Adjective Order

    English is a very expressive language, and can pile up adjectives to modify a single noun. How many adjectives can you chain together, and in which order do you put them? Try your hand here! You can check out our article on adjective order beforehand, or afterward if you find it is not as easy…

  • Wheelchair Basketball World Championships 2018

    Wheelchair Basketball World Championships 2018

    Two years ago on this day, the Wheelchair Basketball World Championships in Hamburg came to an end! We thought that this would be an excellent opportunity to redesign and revive this article for you to make the most of it. From the 16th to the 26th August 2018, Hamburg hosted the second biggest event in…

  • Exercise: Haikus

    Exercise: Haikus

    After having learned about haikus, have a look at these short questions. Then, please try creating your own haiku.

  • Exercise: Sonnets

    Exercise: Sonnets

    There are several different types of sonnets. We have featured a few sonnets in our weekly poems so far. Test what you know and feel free to try writing a sonnet on your own!

  • Brand New Neologisms

    Brand New Neologisms

    Do you know what a neologism is? Put together from the Greek neo-, ’new‘ and logos, ‚word‘, the term describes just what is sounds like: a newly minted word or expression. Most of the time, it is difficult or impossible to trace the origins of a neologism unless it stems from a particular field of…

  • Exercise: The Weary Blues

    Exercise: The Weary Blues

    After having read and listened to The Weary Blues, have a look at this exercise. You may be intrigued by its use of rhyme and rhythm. If you are having trouble with some of the tasks, feel free to have a look at our post on Rhyme and Meter.

  • Prepositions & Our Climate

    Prepositions & Our Climate

    Using the right prepositions can be very tricky since some verbs can be used with several different prepositions and, depending on the combination, mean or stress completely different things. So, if you feel like training this skill, give the following exercise a try! While assigning the right prepositions to the right verbs, you can stay…

  • Exercise: Jabberwocky

    Exercise: Jabberwocky

    Have a look at the Jabberwocky again. You can read and listen to the poem here.

  • Exercise: General english idioms

    Exercise: General english idioms

    Idioms are an integral part of a language and English is no exception (according to Wikipedia, English has approximately „twenty-five thousand idiomatic expressions“). As we have pointed out on our Idiom of the Week posts, these expressions are used in a figurative sense, even when many of them initially appear to only have a literal…

  • Exercise: Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

    Exercise: Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

    Poetry is a lot more than just cleverly arranged stylistic devices, surrounded by poetic language. Different people can look at the same poem and have completely different, sometimes even conflicting interpretations which may be valid at the same time, provided they can be backed up. Remember than nothing in a poem can be considered accidental.…