Brand New Neologisms

A list of icons: a book with the letters ENG; a piece of paper with a pencil; an audio symbol; a speech bubble, and some blocks depicting the letters "a, b, c" - the blocks depicting the letters "a, b, c" are highlighted in blue

Do you know what a neologism is? Put together from the Greek neo-, ’new‘ and logos, ‚word‘, the term describes just what is sounds like: a newly minted word or expression. Most of the time, it is difficult or impossible to trace the origins of a neologism unless it stems from a particular field of reference. But in the last few months, a large number of neologisms have popped up whose origins are easy to determine. This list was collated by a professor at the University of Toledo for a Blade article on so-called Corona-speak. See if you can determine what these new words might describe. For more information about the formation processes that are used to coin neologisms, you might find this post interesting.

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