Super, ihr habt den Hinweis zur Öffnung des Ausgangs gefunden:

██║   ██║
██║   ██║

Dies ist der Hinweis damit ihr das Lösungswort-Anagram, also die drei Blöcke, übersetzen und korrekt anordnen könnt! Googelt einfach den folgenden Begriff: "l337 sp34k", um zu verstehen was die  Textzeichen bedeuten. Wenn ihr die Blöcke aus den drei Kompetenz-Checks richtig angeordnet habt, habt ihr das Lösungswort für den Ausgang aus dem Escape-Room! Ihr braucht das Lösungswort nicht zu übersetzen sondern sollte es in der l337sp34k Variante eingeben.

  _ ____ ____  _              ____  _  _   _   
 | |___ \___ \| |            |___ \| || | | |   
 | | __) |__) | |_   ___ _ __  __) | || |_| | __
 | ||__ <|__ <| __| / __| '_ \|__ <|__   _| |/ /
 | |___) |__) | |_  \__ \ |_) |__) |  | | |   < 
 |_|____/____/ \__| |___/ .__/____/   |_| |_|\_\
                        | |                     

Explorations in English Language Learning

There are plenty of resources out there on the world wide web if you want to improve your English language skills, but little of them are actually writing labs that provide an opportunity to practice writing and sometimes even receive feedback in preparation for a term paper or an essay written in class. These are the ones we believe might help you, as they certainly helped us improve our written language skills.

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) – You have trouble writing an argumentative essay or a research paper for a seminar? You want to revise verb tenses? Or you would just like to refresh your knowledge on punctuation? Then, you might consider having a look at the Purdue Online Writing Lab. Packed with countless tips and guidelines on how to write effective texts, this is a highly useful and informative resource.

Cambridge English Write & Improve – Here, we have a website that provides automatically assessed English writing tasks and exercises. There are different types of tasks for beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners of English. Advanced learners, for example, can write a fictional story, a letter of advice, an argumentative essay, a report and many more on different topics, and you receive immediate feedback.

Using English for Academic Purposes in Higher Education – This website is intended for people who study English or otherwise use it in the academic context and want to develop their use of English in this particular context. It provides excellent input and sometimes automatically assessed exercises on all aspects of academic English usage such as vocabulary, grammar, writing, reading, and listening.