Movies in the spotlight: Hurricane Bianca (2016)

Three speech bubbles in different colours (red, black and blue) surround a larger speech bubble which has a blue to red colour gradient, underneath the speech bubbles it says 'Amplifying Voices'This American independent comedy film tells the story of Richard Martinez, who works as a substitute science teacher in New York City to just about make it. Having applied for the national Teaching Ambassador Programme, he accepts a full-time position at the local High School in Milford Texas. However, Richard’s delight doesn’t hold up for long in rural Milford, as he is fired quickly as soon as the school authorities find out that he is homosexual. Having already complained to his supervisor at the Teaching Ambassador Programme – in vain, as the school’s conduct is totally legal in many states of the US, Richard decides to not give in to his fate and he returns to Milford High, this time disguised as Ms Bianca Del Rio and with the support of Milford local Karma Johnstone. From this day on, Hurricane Bianca has come to turn life in the small town upside down….

Hurricane Bianca features Bianca Del Rio, an American costumer and drag queen who rose to fame by winning the sixth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race – a reality competition television series in search for American next drag superstar. This LGBT-related film had already been Bianca’s (aka Roy Haylock’s) project before her appearance in RuPaul Charles‘ show, but her winning the entire series not only brought additional attention to it, but added also RuPaul Charles himself and other well-known Drag Race alumni to the movie’s cast. Not to forget the $100.000 trophy money which was added to the crowd-funding of the film’s budget.

Bianca’s ambition with this movie was to use comedy to raise awareness of the discrimination against the LGBT-community and of the injustice that it is still legal in 29 U.S. states to be fired for being gay. Her hope was to change people’s minds regarding this issue.

If you wish to listen to her own remarks on Hurricane Bianca, which she filmed together with Matt Kugelman as a director, watch this interview she gave right before the premiere:

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