Linking phrases for textual cohesion

A list of icons: a book with the letters ENG; a piece of paper with a pencil; an audio symbol; a speech bubble, and some blocks depicting the letters "a, b, c" - the piece of paper with a pencil is highlighted in blue

Cohesion, that sense of smooth flow from one part of a text to the next, is an essential feature of effective academic writing in English. There are a number of ways to create cohesion in your own writing. One of the most obvious and straightforward ways is to employ those classic cohesive devices, linking phrases or connectors. Two things are essential in using connectors in your writing. The first is to understand exactly what they mean and how to use them correctly, so that they become smooth riverbanks rather than rocky rapids.  Try this exercise.

For more input on how to create cohesion in your writing, see this lesson on creating textual cohesion.