Improve your pronunciation with audiobooks

A list of icons: a book with the letters ENG; a piece of paper with a pencil; an audio symbol; a speech bubble, and some blocks depicting the letters "a, b, c" - the audio symbol and the speech bubble are highlighted in blue

In another article we have already presented the online platform Lit2Go where you can find a great variety of literature from many genres as audio files as well as PDF. With this exercise we want to give you an idea how to use audiobooks and audio recordings for the improvement of your pronunciation. 

How to proceed with this exercise?

  1. Listen to the audio file and pay attention to any particular aspect of pronunciation which is important to you.
  2. Use the audio recorder below to record your reading.
  3. Compare your recording to the original file.
  4. Repeat the recording as many times as you like.
  5. For personal feedback download your recording and ask an English lecturer or send it via email to

1. Listening

Bed in summer (1913) by Robert Louis Stevenson

2. Recording

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