Practice your skills on collocations

A list of icons: a book with the letters ENG; a piece of paper with a pencil; an audio symbol; a speech bubble, and some blocks depicting the letters "a, b, c" - the piece of paper with a pencil and the blocks depicting the letters "a, b, c" are highlighted in blue

In another article we inform you about collocations. This exercise focuses on a particular collocation type, the adverb-verb collocations. In this case the adverb functions as an itensifier. These emphatic expressions are used in formal English in written documents and when speaking at formal occasions such as business meetings and giving presentations.
Try to learn a selection of this type of collocations with these two memory games. Have fun!

Collocation memory: Intensifiers Part I

Collocation memory: Intensifiers Part II

After learning  the collocations from the memory above, now try to use them in a context.